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 AJE-Paris is an association with an internal structure visible in the organization chart.
In addition to permanent staff, AJE-Paris is supported by many other stakeholders: volunteers, civic services, high school 
s and trainees.
These actors act in the three respective shops of the AJE, two in the 20th (Mortier and Pelleport) and the last in the 14th
Below are only some of the speakers working within the AJE-Paris who accepted, took the time to answer the questionnaire
and wanted to be visible on the site.




Jean-Maurice Lainé-Bessettes, Master of Mathematics and Numerical Analysis, Paris - Pierre and Marie Curie, Engineer of        Public Works - ESTP-Paris, Graduate 3rd Cycle of Mathematics of Decision, Paris-Dauphine, Co-operating Expert, Foundation       Political Science - Paris. 3 years in Morocco. Member co-founder of AJE-Paris, director of AJE-Paris.


Hervé Epongo, Bachelor in Physics, formerly Operations Manager Cameroon Maritime Radar partner of China COSCO.           Employee, coordination of AJE-Paris actions in the 14th, links with actors and public and private partners.


Eloge Tra, socio-educator and semi-pro footballer. Employee, responsible for entertainment and cultural outings in the      14th. Present in the 14th from Tuesday to Friday from 11h to 20h.


                                       	                             CIVIC SERVICES

  • Kadidiatou Berthe, L3 economic management.

Reception, school support, homework help in the 20th.

Present in the 20th 5 days in the week.


  • Ider Laabidi , humanitarian L1.

Reception, school support, homework help in the 20th.

Present 6 days in the week.


  • Yassmina Ait-Idir, Bachelor of Laws.

Reception, school support, homework help in the 20th

Presents in the 14th, 3 days in the week.


  • Rose Dufour,

Reception, school support, homework help in the 20th

Presents in the 14th, 3 days in the week.




Thibaut Durand, a chemical engineer currently a safety inspector in the chemical industry.    
  School support, all subjects until the 3rd. Then physics / chemistry until the 1st.
   Present every Tuesday from 17h to 19h30 and occasionally on Thursdays from 17h to 19h30 in the 20h
Laurent Mezzini, engineer INSA Lyon in electrical engineering and exec MBA ESCP in Paris.
 Academic support in all subjects but preferably math’s / physics.
  Rather Friday at the end of the day in the 20th.
Anne de Champs, formerly professor of English.
Cares for the primary and helps in the literary subjects (English, German, French, history and geography) for the secondary.
  Present at Pelleport (20th) on Tuesday from 17h to 19h.
Paul Ballet, chemical engineer at Sanofi Bio-industry.
Support in Math, Physics and Chemistry.
 Present in the 14th on Wednesdays from 15h to 17h.
Sophie Goursolas, master’s in insurance management, currently project manager in operational marketing.
Support mainly in French and history-geography.
Present in the 20th (rue Pelleport) on Tuesday and Friday from 17h to 20h.
Michel Jr Abega, Master 2 student in Public Business Law at Paris Saclay University.
Support in English, History, Geography, French, Law.
Present in the 20th (rue Pelleport) Tuesday, Thursday and occasionally Monday or Friday from 17h30 to 20h.
• Arts and Crafts Engineer and IFP School specialized in Fuels Research.
 Accompaniment in mathematics, physics and chemistry.
Present in the 20th (rue Pelleport) on Friday from 18h to 20h.


                                                                  HIGH SCHOOL PARTNERS

Blanche Lequart, 1st S student at Stanislas High School
Help with homework,
  Present in the 14th on Friday from 17h.
Valentine Petit, student of 1st ES at Lycée Stanislas
Help with homework,
   Present in the 14th on Friday in the late evening.




In partnership with many colleges and high schools, the AJE-Paris frequently receives new trainees.

Valid for the year 2019-2020