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         Established in 1999, the AJE-Paris is a lay and aconfessional association recognized of general interest.

The AJE-Paris was founded by several teachers, executives and a firm founder so as to concretize the project of a wide personnal assistance to people from 7 to 30 years.

What is really done for these young people from sensitive neighborhoods, deep down talented and yet struggling in school or straining to integrate the world of work ?   [j’ai pas réussi à placer la partie « ou au contraire, parcourant un chemin d’excellence », ça fait un peu un contresens dans cette phrase. A clarifier avec JM]

        Especially since they and their family are inclined to have support in order to gain skills, social links and social responsability. 

The work experience of cooperation of one of the founders among a Moroccan high school was crucial in the sense that it taught us qualities such as understanding other’s needs, thanks to the strong living together of the Mediterranean basin. It was essential to build here, with a micro-district, a solidary-citizenship commitment in which education, culture and employability  are the key words of our social object.

Nothing of this would have been possible without the active and sympathetic support of our partners :