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      Actions led with the public and private partners : 

  • Assistant to the writing of cover letter and resume, also simulation of job interview.
  • Building and implementation of a plan of professional training.
  • Cultural and united initiative : the young people of the AJE-Paris take up and accomplish with patterns firms united projets. 
  • The actors of the city council, of the region and of the State get involved entirely to the young people across their presence in the council of the young people.
    The young people co-construct with the adults individual and collective projets : 
  • They are invited to the united and citizen’s commitment, which made them grow according to them, as according to their family, give them a supplement sense to their life and enlarge their field of conscience.
  • This united commitment is made possible by an accompaniment in steps to the public services, which answer to the emergency and opening the autonomy in this domain.
  • Pas de cloisonnement : students and volunteers meet to the association, find other young people, ever those who  doesn’t life  in the district and beyond the peripheral.